Top 5 lesser known superheroes

Name: The Credible Hulk
Special Powers: Empowered with the strength of a weightlifter and the speed of an athlete, the Credible Hulk can leap tall buildings with a single helicopter ride.

Name: The Amusing Spiderman
Special Powers: Simply heaven at parties when, after a few drinks, he will roll up his trousers to reveal his spindly and surprisingly hairy legs.

Name: Supraman
Special Powers: Diplomatic savoir-faire among bureaucrats of supranational institutions including the United Nations, the World Bank and the International Cremation Federation enables Supraman to distribute business cards at a rate of five per minute and spot a prawn vol-au-vent at 50 yards.

Name: Lieutenant America
Special Powers: Due to the limitations of cryogenics, Steve Rogers possesses the strength and reflexes of an all-American super soldier but shows no vital signs and refuses to respond to artificial defibrillation.

Name: Dr X
Special Powers: Potentially capable of telekenesis and astral projection, but currently working on his post-doctoral thesis.

3 Responses to “Top 5 lesser known superheroes”

  1. pouletnoir Says:

    (Comment by James Crabtree)

    The Ex-Men: “Having left their girlfriends, the mutants known as the Ex-Men use their awesome bitterness to bemoan a world that hates and disparages them!”

    But Man: “The uncertain Knight of Gotham City fights the clauses of evil, waging war on certainty by the judicious use of negative coordinating conjunctions”.

  2. pouletnoir Says:

    (Posted by Tom Steinberg)

    StairDevil: “Wrongdoers and perps only dare take the lift when StairDevil is patrolling.”

  3. pouletnoir Says:

    (Posted by Tom Longley)

    Wander Woman: “Ambiguously motivated; endlessly skipping council care facilities.”

    Professor Y: “ButMan’s sceptical sidekick ties his enemies in the labyrinths of childish questioning.”

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