Amin Emin

I don’t like to scaremonger. It’s not responsible. Still, you can’t help but notice. Idi Amin and Tracey Emin. Never at the same parties, are they?

Amin Emin

2 Responses to “Amin Emin”

  1. rivergirlie Says:

    oh dear – that made me laugh very loudly indeed, in a most unladylike way. i’m having a lovely time browsing through your archives (ooerr missus)

  2. pouletnoir Says:

    Someone made a comment here about me being an “asshole” for making a joke about someone who killed lots of people. (Amin, presumably, rather than Emin.) I deleted it because it was abusive, then wished I hadn’t. My message to that person, should he or she ever return, is that it must be weird to live in a world whereby it is wrong to make jokes about evil people’s names but perfectly alright to abuse strangers. Does this joke lionise Idi Amin, or make him seem like a cuddly figure? No, it doesn’t, you self-righteous wanker.

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