Stanley rubric

All exam questions are sweeping generalisations that contain a kernel of truth. Discuss.

4 Responses to “Stanley rubric”

  1. Tom L Says:

    Except if they’re multiple choice …

  2. Le Poulet Noir Says:

    Ah, well then.

    All multiple choice questions comprise:
    a) the correct answer;
    b) a similar answer that is correct in one variable but not a second;
    c) another similar answer that is correct in the second variable but not the first;
    d) an answer that includes both of the incorrect variables so that canny examinees cannot deduce the correct answer merely by finding the common variables;
    e) a wildly different answer that is obviously wrong to give succour to F-grade candidates and examiners an opportunity to tell a gag, thus enlivening a job which consists of little more than shuffling the same questions from year to year;
    f) all of the above; or
    g) some of the above.

  3. Tom L Says:

    So, in method at least, quite far from sweeping generalisations.

  4. pouletnoir Says:

    I think you may have missed the point. The original exam question was, in itself, a sweeping generalisation.

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