Draughty miller

I was, I’m afraid, beaten to this story by the Mirror, but it’s worth retelling just the same. Windy Miller, the mute man of flour, is currently starring in an advertisement with full frontal nudity. (Click picture for a more detailed view.)

Windy Miller and his Uncle Guber

I have always regarded Windy as a fine citizen, his cavalier approach to health and safety notwithstanding. (If you insist on building a windmill with sails that are long enough to reach the ground, Windy, then at least put the door on the other side.) But the character’s transfer from Camberwick Green and Chigley to promoting Quaker’s Oatso Simple porridge has evidently corrupted him.

The advert uses the classic nudity-hidden-by-strategically-placed- objects sketch, as seen in episodes of Morecambe and Wise and one of the Austin Powers films. But Windy’s uncle Guber, a Norwegian naturist, does indeed flash his plasticine bits at one point as he returns to the kitchen table from the microwave.

In what is presumably an in-joke, the animators have appended an appendage to Guber’s crotch. You can’t really see it at normal speed, but slowed down it shows the nordic tadger for several frames, swinging as he turns round. Ah, the things one can do with modern technology. John Logie Baird would be proud.

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