Bristol fashion

Emily Parr, one of the contestants on Big Brother, says that she and her sister are known as “the Hilton sisters of Bristol”.


As claims to fame go, it’s up there with being the Cheech and Chong of Switzerland or the Krankies of Hawaii.

Or, as my friend H suggests, the Wright Brothers of Lockerbie.

(Damn him for thinking of a better joke.)

7 Responses to “Bristol fashion”

  1. Tom L Says:

    The Siegfried and Roy of Whipsnade?

  2. pouletnoir Says:

    The Mitford Sisters of Anchorage?

  3. SatchelMonkey Says:

    The Madelaine of Hamlyn

  4. Tom L Says:

    The Woodward and Bernstein of Bude.

  5. pouletnoir Says:

    The Brothers Karamazov of Birmingham

  6. Tom L Says:

    That’s Birmingham, Alabama?

  7. pouletnoir Says:

    One in each. They can’t stand to be in the same city since the Fyodor incident.

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