When in Africa

Watch out for bees. Killer bees have a fearsome reputation, but it is worth also keeping an eye out for the following species:

1. Polytheistic bees

2. Idolater bees

3. Blasphemous bees

4. Worker bees (including weekends)

5. Proud orphan bees

6. Adulterous bees

7. Burglar bees

8. Disingenuous bees

9. Covetous bees.

5 Responses to “When in Africa”

  1. rivergirlie Says:

    keep taking the tablets x

  2. Tom L Says:

    What about those bees that work on the Sabbath?

  3. pouletnoir Says:

    Those are the worker bees, at number four.

  4. Tom L Says:

    I see. Do you think it possible for a bee to covet an ox?

  5. pouletnoir Says:

    Yes, although their offspring would be sterile.

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