Pet hate

I hate Satanists, principally because of the way their sacrificial rituals intimidate my menagerie of farmyard animals. They really get my goat.

3 Responses to “Pet hate”

  1. Henry North London Says:

    I have loved every minute of reading this blog from end to start

    Keep going I shall need a fix of it every so often. You have a big fan here.

    Draws out large fan from pocket and fans it

  2. rivergirlie Says:

    oh i do so love an elaborately set up pun

  3. Tom L Says:

    Mein gott! What’s happening to your sense of humour? Is this what we can expect on this blog from now on? I’m cancelling my subscription immediately.

    NB. Try teeing up a pun on “gets on my nerves” instead of “gets my goat”. It’s far harder slipping in “selective seratonin re-uptake enhancers” into the gag.

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