I’m gonna live foreverI’m gonna learn how to fly

It occurs to me that the opening lyrics to Fame, from Fame, are mutually exclusive. Also, it’s rather quaint that while the song starts as pure aspiration, it quickly becomes more practical. What is learning how to fly, exactly? It’s failing to fly. If you’re going to live forever, learning to fly is the last thing you should try. I suggest rewriting the song thus:

I’m gonna live forever

I’m going to invest in cryogenic suspension


3 Responses to “Fame”

  1. SatchelMonkey Says:

    Surely a stage school is not the best place for flying lessons anyway. Unless by ‘flying’ Irene Cara, the singer, is referring to trapeze work or, more likely, operating the mechanism for moving scenery on and off the stage – commonly known as becoming a ‘flyman’.

    If the statement ‘I’m gonna live forever’ is a cry from the aspirational that Fame is a route to eternal life, the singer would be wise to remember that fame is fleeting, only obscurity last forever.



    I might be remembered for a period of time that extends beyond my life span although that is by no means a certainty nor indeed an eternity

    I’m gonna learn how to operate the machinery needed to move scenery”

  2. rivergirlie Says:

    call me harsh, but i really can’t get worked up about the wellbeing of anyone who wears legwarmers.
    good to see you back (and front)

  3. Tom L Says:

    I think that PN’s thoughts about the dangers of learning how to fly are correct, but the fame-seekers (“feekers”?) are well aware of these risks.

    Like those learning to ride a bike make use of stabilisers in their early lessons, feekers learning how to fly make use of rocket packs:

    “I’m gonna make it to heaven
    Light up the sky like a flame
    … Fame! “

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