Hunting Mr Big

Sean O’Neill argues in The Times today that the police have neglected tackling organised crime in favour of foiling terror plots despite the higher human cost of the drugs trade in Britain. The article (in the print edition, at least) is headlined: “Whatever happened to the fight against the Mr Bigs?”

What indeed? The home addresses of the Mr Bigs in Britain are public knowledge. A search of the electoral roll shows that Mr Neville F Big lives at Glen Lyon Court, Cumbernauld, Glasgow (with Mrs Anne Big) and Mr Mircea C Big lives in Austin Street, Northampton (with Mrs Cleopatra Big). Why (oh why) do the police do nothing about them?

4 Responses to “Hunting Mr Big”

  1. pouletnoir Says:

    It should also be noted that there is an equally easy solution for women looking for Mr Right. There are 13 of them, although only Wayne (Cardiff), Michael (Wallasey), Mark (Hull), George (Luton), Andrew (north London), Kenneth (Oldham), Alan (Sheffield) and Simon (west London) appear to be living without a partner.

  2. rivergirlie Says:

    i have (and always have had) a problem with ‘fleshpots’. what are these, exactly? people? things? places? no-one has ever explained to me what a fleshpots is (or are).
    can you help, poulet?

  3. rivergirlie Says:

    it’s a mister ree

  4. pouletnoir Says:

    If a fleshpot is a Mr Ree, is Mr Ree a fleshpot?

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