Rules for life. Number two in an occasional series

Take care to walk through the correct door in a crematorium.


4 Responses to “Rules for life. Number two in an occasional series”

  1. rivergirlie Says:

    ooh – hope this isn’t from experience

  2. le_poulet_noir Says:

    Thank goodness no. No singeing so far.

    (Which reminds me of probably the best joke I have ever made, but one which requires so much setting up that I will probably never be able to repeat it. I shall do my best here, however.
    I was exchanging e-mails with a girlfriend whose brother was about to appear as the eponymous king in a production of Christopher Marlowe’s Edward II, in which his character would meet his doom when a red hot poker was inserted arsewise. We had previously argued about the merits of the musical Les Miserables (I hated it, she loved it) and I speculated that Edward II might also benefit from some uplifting tunes.
    Would her brother’s production have any songs, I wondered. “Something like: ‘Can you hear the people singe, singeing the thongs of angry men.'”
    She didn’t find it that funny, and I sensed that our relationship would not last.)

  3. Tom L Says:

    When I was growing up, I always thought Crematorium was a place, since there were road signs to it.

  4. rivergirlie Says:

    oh – i’m weak with laughter. that’s fantastic, and completely worth the set up!

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