Top 5 unexploited film sequels to Brief Encounter

It seems odd to me that no one has adequately exploited the popularity of Brief Encounter by making a sequel. Or, indeed, several sequels, preferably along the lines of the Die Hard franchise, viz:

Brief Encounter 2: Briefer Encounter
Dr Alec Harvey returns from Johannesburg for a conference on respiratory diseases among miners, but only meets Laura Jesson for a few seconds while changing trains on his way to the Winter Gardens in Blackpool.

Brief Encounter with a VengeanceBrief Encounter with a Vengeance
Fred Jesson discovers the truth about his wife’s clandestine cinema visits with Dr Alec Harvey and contrives to restore his pride by poisoning a scone destined for Harvey, who is due to visit the railway station tea shop on his return journey from Blackpool. The assassination attempt is foiled, however, when Dolly Messiter, the chatterbox who interrupted Harvey and Mrs Jesson’s farewell at the end of the first film, intercepts the lethal scone and dies noisily, pulling the tablecloth to the floor and upsetting a dish of Banbury cakes. 

Brief Encounter 4.0: Live Free or Encounter Briefly
(directed by Joel Schumacher)
Dr Alec Harvey, who has been suspended from the medical profession after the shock of Dolly Messiter’s death caused him to seek solace at the bottom of a whisky bottle, learns from autopsy reports that her demise was no accident. He returns to the station to confront Fred Jesson, but is met instead by Jesson’s hired goons, who force him to take refuge behind the counter in the station cafe during a 15-minute shoot-out sequence. Harvey overcomes Jesson’s thugs, defeats Jesson in hand-to-hand combat armed only with a stethoscope and episiotomy scissors, and rescues Laura Jesson from certain death by untying her from the railway tracks just before the delayed arrival of the 4.15pm to Crewe.

Brief Encounter Begins
A reboot of the franchise, in which Dr Alec Harvey emerges as a character stricken with guilt over his inability, as a child, to cure his twin brother’s conjunctivitis. To atone for his failure, he frequents station cafes in a tireless quest to remove coal dust from passengers’ eyes. He begins to find solace after rescuing Laura Jesson from certain blindness in one eye, but his happiness is thwarted by the return of his brother, whose bitterness over his condition has caused him to reinvent himself as the villainous Partially-Sighted Man. Harvey emerges victorious from their fight to the death (after Partially-Sighted Man gets coal dust in his other eye and stumbles into the coke furnace aboard the Penzance Express) but alienates Mrs Jesson, who realises that Harvey’s mission to save sight is more important than their relationship.

Brief Encounter Actually
Richard Curtis reimagines Brief Encounter as a five-act rom-com in which Dr Alec Harvey (Hugh Grant) and Laura Jesson (Keira Knightley) overcome their awkward social situation and get married after Fred Jesson (Bill Nighy) confesses his deep-seated passion for Dolly Messiter (Emma Thompson), who is equally smitten. Beryl Walters (Renee Zellweger), the cafe assistant, dies, but the solemnity of her funeral is broken when Albert Godby (Rowan Atkinson), the ticket inspector, uses the occasion to consumate his relationship with Myrtle Bagot (Martine McCutcheon), the longstanding object of his flirtatious banter. All six lovers are married in a joint ceremony in the station cafe at Christmas, during which it snows.

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10 Responses to “Top 5 unexploited film sequels to Brief Encounter”

  1. Chris Says:

    Breve Rencontre

    French language remake directed by Francois Ozon, in which Dr Alec Russell (Vincent Cassel) strikes up an awkward conversation about philosophy with Laura Jesson (Monica Belucci), which leads inevitably to several days of frenzied lovemaking in a seedy hotel next to the station. Jealously is inflamed after Dolly Messiter (Virginie Ledoyen) arrives unexpectedly to join in. To get revenge, Fred Jesson (Mathieu Kassovitz) starts a self-loathing affair with Albert Godby (Charles Dance). However, after Godby ultimately rejects him, the affair ends in his suicide.

  2. pouletnoir Says:

    Mike says:

    Brief Encounter of a Third Kind

    “We must be human, we must try awfully to be human,” Laura sobs after realising that the doctor is an alien. He whisks her millions of light years across the galaxy in his train-shaped space craft, but she decides to return to her husband. “You’ve been a long way away haven’t you?” he says, observantly.

  3. pouletnoir Says:

    The Pelican Brief Encounter

    Laura Jesson discovers that her husband, Fred, may be involved in a scheme to build an extension to the local railway station on land that is a vital habitat for migratory pelicans. She confides in Dolly Messiter and Albert Godby at the station cafe, only for them to be discovered dead the next day, apparently the victims of a freak tea urn explosion. She goes on the run, by train, where she meets Dr Alec Harvey, who believes her story and persuades his journalistic contacts to print the story in the Johannesburg Evening Post.

  4. pouletnoir Says:

    A Brief Encounter of Time

    Alec Harvey, wheelchair-bound Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University, attracts the attention of Laura Jesson when he helps remove sub-atomic particles radiating from her eye. She is further intrigued by his forays into spacetime foam and string theory, but their quantum entanglement begins to unravel when her husband, Fred, forces Harvey to admit that he was wrong about whether trains going into black tunnels eventually come back out again with the same passengers. The professor flees to South Africa in ignominy, and the last that is heard of him is an unsubstantiated rumour that he is being physically abused by his nurse.

  5. disgruntled Says:

    The Brief Ultimatum
    Dr. Alec Harvey comes to in the tea room of the station with no memory of his past and only a mysterious Swiss Bank account to sustain him. He kidnaps Laura Jesson as a human shield and is pursued by a mystery assassin in the form of a ticket collector and a so called tearoom assistant. Together they lay waste to the station cafe, escape on a steam train – which fortunately Harvey has been trained by a mysterious government agency to operate – and follow a trail of broken memories to Harvey’s mysterious handler who turns out to be none other Dolly Messiter. Laura dies tragically in the cross fire but Harvey is last seen escaping on a milk float, leaving the way open for many more lucrative sequels

  6. rivergirlie Says:

    ‘now look at me banburys – all over the floor!’ joyce carey as station cafe manageress. they don’t write ’em like that any more. how about ‘briefs encounter’ – the adult version.

  7. Red_Elf Says:

    Brief Encounter: The High School Years

    High school heartthrob Alec Harvey (Zac Efron) accepts a bet to turn ugly class loser Laura Jesson (Mena Suvari) into the school Prom Queen. This he achieves by the simple expedient of letting her hair down and removing her glasses, under the guise of removing grit from her eye. Beguiled by the sudden rush of popularity and parties, Laura is initially swept off her feet by Alec and forgets her “kooky” oldest friend Dolly Messiter (Alyson Hannigan) and the dull but faithful Fred (Jason Biggs). When a series of plot “twists” involving a jealous classmate, a convoluted chain of lost videotapes, misunderstood messages and unwittingly interfering parents reveals the true nature of her sudden rise to Prom Queendom, Laura realises she has been cruelly duped. She returns, chastened, to her true friends and realises she has always been in love with the constant Fred. Alec Harvey realises in turn how shallow his life has become and abandons his career as a quarterback star and school idol to treat fungal infections in South Africa.

  8. Moobs Says:

    Brief Encounter: The Wrath of Harvey

    Having spent 20 years marooned in the wasteland beyond Platform 2a. Harvey finds himself presented with a chance not just for vengeance but for romance when Laura Jesson responds to his sub-space distress beacon. He puts something wriggly in her ear.

  9. pouletnoir Says:

    Brief Encounter: Beyond Thunderdome

    Dr Alec Harvey and Laura Jesson steal away for a romantic city break to Thunderdome but accidently board a non-stopping train to Edinburgh Waverley.

  10. Adam warren Says:

    Brief encounter with the wicker man…
    7 years after Alec leaves for Africa, Laura returns home to find a letter from alec explaining that he has heard that her daughter has gone missing (her daughter was out there studying the impact of pantomimes on ‘uneducated natives’) Laura rushs out to Africa to try to find what has happened to her daughter. She finds the tribe of where she was last seen and receives a cold reception. After days and days of searching she finds her daughter tied to a stake in the middle of a tribal ceremony. She rescues her and they escape into a thick jungle. Her daughter knows the area well and leads her to a clearing..ann waiting for laura is Alec, the tribe.. and his wife (Spoiler)…… The organ player!!!

    Alec starts to explain that seven years ago he was sent to London to try and find a board housewife for this real tribal ceremony and chose her. He then contacted her daughter 6 years later and explained that they had an affair many years ago. In the daughters anger she helps alec with plans.

    The tribe then drags Laura into the jungle kicking and screaming. The come to a clearing where a 70 foot wicker man stands. They lock her inside the wicker man.. and burn her alive. The last thing that is heard is Laura screaming “This shows you how dangerous it is getting a bit of grit in your eye..”

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