Kate Moss and Nazism

I should point out for legal reasons that Kate Moss is not, at least to my knowledge, a Nazi. She is merely the face of a company named after one.

Hugo Boss was a card-carrying member of the Nazi Party, and not in a he-had-to-join-up-to-save-his-business kind of way. He joined two years  before Adolf Hitler came to power and remained as one while he produced uniforms for the Waffen SS.

Now, I don’t believe that children should be made to pay for the sins of their parents, and I’m aware that there are other companies still in existence that did worse than Boss’s. (BASF, for example, manufactured the gas used to murder Jews in the Holocaust.) That said, I find it profoundly weird that so much money has gone into promoting the name of a man who thought Hitler was a force for good.

I don’t know about you, but it is going to be hard for me to envision Kate Moss’s face henceforth without seeing a little moustache on her upper lip.

2 Responses to “Kate Moss and Nazism”

  1. zungg Says:

    I never thought Hugo Boss could have been a real person. It’s just too preposterous a name to be real. What did he purvey, anyway? Was he the Fuhrer’s personal perfumier?

  2. pouletnoir Says:

    Tailor. He specialised in brown shirts.

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