Notes from Seoul

1. The loo seat in my hotel room is heated.

2. The area around Incheon Airport looks like it was built in Sim City. There are flat islands only as big as the developments on them and vast bridges connecting apparently undeveloped land.

3. There are businessmen in the street on Friday night who are so drunk they can barely stand. One man in a suit sits on a bank’s steps wearing a carpet of vomit.

4. It is apparently okay to ride your moped on a pedestrian crossing.

5. My breakfast, obtained from Paris Bakery, can best be described as a chicken donut. It is delicious.

6. The shopping mall smells of cabbage.

7. The beggar in the subway does not ask for spare change, but kneels with his forehead on the floor.

8. In a sweet shop there is a packet of Muscat Gummy Candy, which features the blurb: “Its translucent color so alluring and taste and aroma so gentle and mellow offer admiring feelings of a graceful lady.”


2 Responses to “Notes from Seoul”

  1. rivergirlie Says:

    I totally need some muscat gummy candy!

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