Le Poulet Noir

I’m a London-based liberal with a hatred of fleeces.

“Dealing in debt, and stealing in the name of the Lord” is a line from Papa Was a Rolling Stone, by Barrett Strong and Norman Whitfield (and recorded by The Temptations). It doesn’t have much personal significance (Papa Was a Gynaecologist would be more apt) except that the opening line – “It was the third of September/ That day I’ll always remember” – has proved useful for memorising my sister’s birthday.

4 Responses to “About”

  1. beobachtend Says:

    hatred of fleeces? hmmm…

  2. cjs Says:

    I just think it’s great that visitors to your site can leave comments on the ‘About’ section.

  3. pouletnoir Says:

    If people couldn’t comment on what I said about myself then the navel-gazing aspect of my site would plummet.

  4. Katy Says:

    My late afternoons in the office just became bearable…although I have to admit, openly, and on a website (which intself is a new experience for me), that I am ever so slightly intimidated by your wit.

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