Alberto Frog and his Amazing Animal Band

Alberto FrogAbout 25 years ago I was watching an episode of the children’s television programme Bod when my older sister walked through the room. It was the Alberto Frog section of the show, in which an amphibious orchestra leader and his Amazing Animal Band performed favours for distressed creatures who, overcome with gratitude, would offer him a reward. (Alberto Frog, it occurs to me now, was a cartoon version of Hannibal from the A-Team, or Don Corleone from The Godfather. I digress.)

Alberto would always respond to such offers with the line: “I wouldn’t say no to a milkshake.”

The grateful citizen would say: “Any particular flavour?”

And the Amazing Animal Band would ponder aloud, listing a series of flavours that, to my recollection, were usually chocolate, strawberry or vanilla, but perhaps I am just confusing his choices with the flavours one used to get in “Neapolitan” ice cream tubs.

My sister, who is eight years older than me and who was something of an antagonist during my childhood,  said: “It’ll be chocolate.”

I disagreed, naturally, and insisted that it must be strawberry, or one of the other flavours. She was right, and it wasn’t just luck. This happened on several occasions, and her predictions always rang true.

I never knew how she did it until I brought it up about two decades later. I assumed that there must have been a subtle clue in the way he spoke that gave away the answer, or a mildly complicated algorithm. Would she at last tell me the secret?

“Oh,” she said. “It was always chocolate.”


10 Responses to “Alberto Frog and his Amazing Animal Band”

  1. rivergirlie Says:

    older sisters are tricky creatures. mine always – and i mean ALWAYS used to beat me a rock, paper, scissors. now you’ve inspired me to find out how. i shan’t rest until she fesses up!

  2. pouletnoir Says:

    Let me know the answer. I have young nephews and nieces who I’d like to be able to beat at rock, paper, scissors, so I can pass on the sense of rage and frustration to a new generation.

  3. Keith Says:

    Lime, was the other flavour.

  4. Chris Says:

    It wasn’t always chocolate.

  5. pouletnoir Says:

    Blast. How did she do it, then? Perhaps the episode was repeated and I didn’t notice.

  6. Jane Says:

    It was ALWAYS strawberry… as every time some body mentions strawberry, to this DAY (I’m now 41yrs old) in my head the words “said Alberto” sing loudly.
    every week it was “Stawberry” said Alberto.

  7. Jane Says:

    oops, nope, just seen an episode and he had Blackcurrant. Clearly when he had Strawberry must have been my favourite choice. Sorry. x

  8. Rachel Brown Says:

    I used to blow my big brothers mind on a daily basis because I always guessed the ‘which window’ question correctly on Playschool. He was at nursery in the morning when I first watched it and then we would watch it again in the afternoon when he was home. He thought I had magic powers for years 🙂

  9. Stuart Phillips Says:

    I’ve just rewatched an episode on YouTube and it was a Raspberry milkshake as predicted by Hippo !!!!

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